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The Science of Business Networking
the science of business networking

The Science of Business Networking
Silver Protégé Program

How to get your phone to ring with more and higher qualified referrals

Rick Silva
Would you like to be coached to networking greatness?  

Would you like a unique networking advantage over your competition?

My name is Rick Silva and I have created the most complete system ever to help you get the phone to ring more often with qualified referrals!

This program is perfect for people who say…

"I’m not sure how to network properly."

"I network all the time. I’m constantly handing out my business cards, but I don’t get a lot of referrals. What am I doing wrong?"

"Why do some people get lots of referrals and I don’t?"

"I can’t find anything and I’m always misplacing everyone’s business cards."

"I have no idea how to properly follow up, or how to build a network."

"Networking doesn't work for me.  I'm a shy person."

"What's the best way to actually refer someone to a potential power partner or a potential client?"

"I can’t get the decision maker on the phone.  The gatekeeper always stops me."

"I hate cold calling. Is there something better—that works?"

Dr Stephenson
Rick is amazing. He is very professional and his direct buttoned down approach is concise, efficient and effective. I was able to learn new speaking skills in a very short time period that has translated to growth 3 times my goal and twice the profitability that I projected in my business plan just now 4 months into my new practice.
Cynthia Stephenson | Dentist Walnut Creek | (925) 938-6000

Does Your Lead Generation System Work Like This?

Are you consistently receiving highly qualified referrals on a monthly weekly or daily basis from your friends, family members and clients?

If you are, would you like to get referrals that are higher paying and of higher quality?

Would you like people calling you on the phone, dying to do business with you?

Does your advertising bring you more “tire kickers” than sales?

Do you have a system in place to convert your current clients into a non-commissioned, non-salaried sales force?

Think about your answers above. Are you a:

  • Business owner
  • Business coach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales professional
  • Business consultant
  • Sales manager
  • Network marketer
  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor

Or a business professional who sees referrals as the lifeblood of your business?

Then you have come to the right place.

My name is Rick Silva.  Some people have called me one of the best networkers in the world.  Others just call me “Mr. Networking.” 

But I think my best gift is my ability to not only see all situations through the lens of a networker, but to teach it to others in a powerful, easy-to-learn system I call:

The Science of Business Networking

Tom Eager
I am a 35 year retired veteran of one of the world’s most respected companies. Qualities, such as integrity, knowledge, interpersonal relationship skills and the willingness to help others are keys to constant success. Rick Silva possesses all of these qualities. By following Ricks networking strategies I was able to grow my business significantly. Today, I attribute nearly a third of my business to Rick and I strongly advocate his networking approach.
Tom Eager | Send Out Cards | (925) 487-5964

A Step-by-Step Method for Networking Yourself to Success

I want to teach you tips and techniques that I have developed over 9 years as a professional networker. I don’t want to just tell you what to do and let you figure out the rest; I want to personally mentor you and teach you the actual word-for-word scripts I've used to generate thousands of referrals — and millions of dollars of income for myself.

How many unfulfilled coffee meetings have you had? I have had more than 3,500 one-to-one meetings with business professionals.  I will show you not only how to set the appointment—but how to turn these meetings into an ongoing referral and cash machine.

I have not just read about networking.  I am a professional networker and have been for the last 9 years. In past careers I made more than 15,000 cold calls, dealt with major rejection, and even overcame my shyness along the way!

In my recruiting career, I knew a gentleman who worked ½ days, 4 days a week.  And he not only outperformed 3 other recruiters (myself included), but he earned $960,000 in one year.  One year!

I spent time getting down on myself, thinking I was not smart because I didn’t have a college degree.  I thought I should quit and do something like drive a truck because I wasn’t good enough. One day I just decided to ask my colleague what he did that made him so successful

And he actually told me!

I studied his one central idea for more than 1,000 hours, broke it down, and turned it into a learnable system.  Now I can teach this system to you!

Mark Kemp
Rick has totally helped me transform my business and has helped me increase my sales my several hundred percent.  I’m so grateful and thankful for the laws that he taught us to live by and I can’t encourage you enough to read or listen to anything he has produced. He is definitely the best networker in the world bar none!
Mark Kemp | Internet Marketing Power Team | (888) 484-6625

"Science of Business Networking" Webinar Series & Tools

I’ve had a chance to share the stage with Les Brown at the Millionaire Marketing Summit, be a featured speaker for Eric Lofholm, work with graduating classes at Stanford University, speak to hundreds of dentists, thousands of Realtors© and mortgage professionals, and many thousands of small business owners and network marketers…

There are many things you'll learn in this Webinar Series that you've never heard before. Maybe even some things that go against the grain. But, that's a good thing. Whether you're an expert networker or just barely have a grasp of the basics of networking, this information will truly change your life.

Would you like to learn what to do at networking events — the tricks of not only how to start a conversation, but how to end the conversation anytime you'd like, gracefully and professionally?

You'll receive the word-for-word scripts that I've used more than 3,000 times.  They've not only generated hundreds of referrals, but they have helped me become one of the most respected and well-known business professionals in my area.

Build Relationships into Referrals, Build Referrals into Business

What is your current system for following up with your clients and the people you meet in social gatherings and networking events? Do you have a tracking system and an organizational system that helps you easily find a person's business card when it's time to refer them business?  Or, like most people, do you have a desk covered with business cards?

I promise you that, through JUST networking, you can make more money in much less time—and have much more fun, provided you have a system in place that works for you. I will give you the tools to create the life you want for yourself and do it in a way that makes you feel more comfortable.

I KNOW that networking and relationship building does not come naturally to everyone. Some people are great at building relationships and others are unclear on how to do this. But listen to this...

Being good at building relationships does not translate into building a referral practice that feeds you referrals all day long. 

Here is your biggest challenge:

You have no choice but to become a professional networker.

No matter your profession.

Unless you want to sit and cold call all day long.

Andy McClure
I have been working with Rick about a year on how to go about networking.  He totally overhauled the way I do my elevator pitch and taught me how to be more effective out in the business community.  Directly from the coaching I’ve gotten from Rick I now have over $6,000 a month in reoccurring business!!
Andy McClure | Sherpa Business Development | (925) 683-1685

The Great Marketing Myth

Are you networking when you should be marketing? Are you marketing when you should be networking? I will show you why networking and marketing have nothing to do with each other and how to avoid these major misunderstandings so you can explode your referral business.

Once you learn these techniques they are yours for life!

Sign up now and I will see you “Live” on the next Webinar!

I’ve developed a 12-Part Live Webinar Series that will teach you everything listed  below and more!

In the webinar series you will learn:

  • The natural laws of society that you must follow to succeed in networking
  • How to turn current clients into your non-commissioned, non-salaried sales force
  • Clear-cut, step-by-step instructions on how to determine the best community groups and associations you should join
  • What to do to get more business from referral groups
  • How to get people to jump through hoops to help you
  • How to never pay full price for anything again
  • Goal setting and time management techniques to greatly improve your business
  • How to properly follow up with your clients
  • How to find an affiliate with the most successful professionals in your area
  • How to overcome shyness and become a "person of influence"
  • What your business card says to others about you (you may not like what you hear, but it’s very important!)
  • How to take advantage of the easiest, the least expensive and most powerful way to build your business
  • How to set more appointments
  • How to manage your calendar
  • And how to make more money

In a nutshell, I want to help you make more sales, to potentially double, or even triple your current income. What would that be worth to you now and in the future?

My clients have paid me thousands of dollars to learn these techniques.  And now for the first time I’m going to put them into a live, 3–module (4 sessions per module, total of 12 sessions) webinar series called The Science of Business Networking Silver Protégé Program.

I'll give you great content LIVE for 30-45 minutes on each call.  And then I'll answer your questions for 10-15 minutes at the end of each session. The calls will be every Wednesday at 4 p.m. Pacific time. The series will be live and repeat every 12 weeks, so you can jump in any time and not miss a thing!

What if you miss one?  Don't worry, each call will be recorded.  I'll give you access to .mp3 recordings so you can listen to them at your convenience...

But only if you're a Silver Protégé member!

So, are you ready to:

Have the phone ring with more leads and referrals?

Learn the single most powerful technique to boost your income?

Learn how to ask for — and get — what you want?

Learn dozens of techniques to bring in more leads?

Turn your current customers into your best sales people?

Get and stay more organized so you can get more done in less time?

Make more money?

My friend and international sales trainer, Eric Lofholm is famous for his “irresistible offers.” So here's mine:

You will receive access to all 12 live Webinars that repeat 4 times a year. Don’t worry if you miss one; they will all be recorded and posted on my website.  Membership guarantees access to the site for an entire year.

You will also receive a FREE CD on which the most pressing questions business owners have about business networking.

Special Bonus! 
For the first 100 signups only – FREE!  30 minutes of one-on-one coaching with me on the phone!

Sign Up for the Silver Protégé Program Here

"I understand that I'm investing in The Science of Business Networking at NO RISK whatsoever, as there is a full 30-day money back guarantee in place."

We have 2 payment options for you. Just choose the one that is best for you:

Payment Options

Pay using PayPal *

3 Easy Payments of $97
(billed monthly for 3 months)


One–Time Payment of $247

* Don't have a PayPal account - Call Rick for over-the-phone billing (510) 755-4556.

After your purchase, you'll receive all the information you need to start via email. 

I wish you nothing but the best, and I look forward to seeing you on the next Webinar!
Rick Silva
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